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Condominium project in San Diego

6 Unit Affordable Housing SC

A joint project between the City of San Clemente and the Affordable housing group, Mary Erickson Community Housing. Even though the project is within two blocks of the beach, it is in an area in need of redevelopment with many low income families. The existing building, which was demolished, housed low income families who qualified to live in the new units. The project includes a classroom for training the tenants with new skills to help them improve their lifestyles. 


The new building provides each family with two covered parking spaces.  Each unit is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a safe central courtyard for the young children to play which is protected with gates. 

Pardee Affordable Housing SD

 A 94 unit apartment project with clubhouse and pool. The project provides affordable housing for qualified families. 

Huntington Beach Condos

An 11 unit Condominium project in Huntington Beach with underground parking.

Klimpel Manor Seniors Apartments

Affordable Senior Citizen's housing project by Lang Lampert Architects. These one bedroom apartment units are designed to HUD standards and each unit is 535 square feet. 

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Pardee Affordable Housing SD